If i were to fall apart, right this instant…

“I would fall apart”

“I would want the sky to fall with me”

“I would get back up again and move along. Life’s short; you fall and you get back up and go at it again”

“My husband would be right there to pick up the pieces”

“I don’t know if I would be able to pick myself up again”

“I want to believe that I would be strong enough to get back up, but I’m not so sure”

“I wouldn’t”

“Everything I held back, from years ago to last week, would come crashing down on me and I would literally suffocate. I’m a ball of repressed emotion; I would not survive an open wound”

“I would cry, openly”

“I would look for someone to help save me, maybe. Maybe I’d let it be and fall apart and just let it happen”

“I would definitely let it all out. I don’t want that toxicity in me. I’d rather fall apart today, than keel over tomorrow because of all the stress I put my heart through”

“I would pray; seek counsel from the bible and hope that those who have gone through it have encouraging words for me in my time of need”

“I wouldn’t want to come back. I would remain in that nightmare, swallowed whole by it and I would surrender to it because I think it’s a safe space in its own way. Our minds can’t cope with something, an external, stressful and dangerous stimulant, so our mind goes to the darkness to help save what little sanity we have left. I would remain there where I have a shot at being whole”

“I fall apart everyday and I’m made better by it”

“I would document it. I’d use the experience to feed future literary journeys. I would welcome it hey”

“I’d have to reassess my entire life and the people in it if I fell apart and had nobody to turn to”

“I would remain with myself. I want to come undone in the privacy of my own evils so I can exorcise them in my own way, deal with them accordingly and come back with a clean slate. That way I can do it over again and wait for the next time I fall apart”