The Visiting Voice

I found a voice today; a voice to help narrate the worlds I want to create, the lives I want to build and break and a voice I need to move past the island I’ve been stranded on for the past, I don’t know how long.

Not my own, no; I don’t trust my own voice to convey the kinds of emotions these future souls need to inherit. My own voice doesn’t fit; it doesn’t have the range, there’s a vacant lilt to it that does nothing for fertile earth.

This voice sounds like it used to belong to another, much wiser, considerate and cautious creature with a secret. That’s what it is, it sounds like every sentence is poised for attacked, coiled and at the ready for a lethal strike just waiting to happen, and only it knows when.

The moments I have with this new voice will be fleeting, that I know of. It’ll come, it’ll give willingly and take with it whatever it desires and it’ll go. To whom it’ll appear to next, I don’t know, but I will treat it kindly, respect it dutifully and use it for as long as it is willing to be used.


Monkey see, monkey do(is)?

As dedicated a reader as i am, i think i’m almost as obsessed with TV and movies and music as i am with books. With that said, i figured I’d offer up, willingly albeit cautiously, the few TV shows that actually make me better in any which way.

It’s o secret that TV has an indelible impact on not only the way we see the world but the way we act and present ourselves. Basically, TV could very well be responsible for shaping society and its expectations, so the value of one’s favourite shows should never be undermined; they sort of say a lot about that person.

Being the underweight, pseudo-depressed, chronic reader/TV-troll that i could possibly be (you’ll never know), i’m more than happy sharing the few shows i think have impressed and inspired me.


American Idol / SA Idols/ X Factor/ The Voice:
I looove music (see, 3 o’s in there), to the point of it almost being ridiculous. Those who know me, know that i sing and so it’s only natural that i enjoy the talents of my fellow aspiring musicians, right? For me it goes beyond the scripted drama of reality TV; these competitions inject a bit more hope into my aspirations every time i watch them. “If they can do it, so can i?” that sort of thing. I sit there, starry eyed and entranced by the dazzling lights, the full and ecstatic smiles and the transcendent voices. It’s almost a spiritual experience for me; i sometimes sing along (usually) or i sit there with my knees against my chest and just listen, “One day”.


Grey’s Anatomy:
I’ve always appreciated the medical field, but with Grey’s it’s more about the intelligent writing and the beautiful characterisations. Then it becomes about the passion behind it all. It’s inspiring; sure i may not be studying medicine, but it makes me was to be great in whatever i do, witty remarks, banter and sass and all.

game of thrones

Game of Thrones:
It’s heartbreaking, it’s impressive and it’s quick. I love it, sexy times, nudies and all. The quality of the entire show is nothing short of astounding and the magical realism is hypnotic 9i didn’t know how else to put it). I also happen to think Khaleesi is the best thing since sweatpants.

big bang

Big bang theory:
Look, i’m a nerd. I’ve accepted it and I’ve learned to own it. I identify with the guys on the show, more so Sheldon than the rest. It’s funny, it’s clever and it’s not too serious about itself.


One look at my awkward, uncoordinated, loner self and you’ll understand exactly why i love this show so much. Plus they sing. But on a more serious note, this show speaks to many of my passions. I love the courage it’s granted so many of its fans and i love the wisdom it has. Plus, Mercedes is kind of my hero.


The crime investigation channel:
So it’s not a show, but a channel. Thing is, i have this odd fascination with understanding why people do the heinous things they do. I have this deep need to know these things, to watch pain, hurt and to feel it. I’m an incredibly empathic person so i literally feel like their stories are my own and maybe that’s why it’s kept my audience so well and so religiously. And, being someone who’s been personally touched by crime, i always love watching the bad guys getting caught.

1new girl

New Girl:
I just love Jess. We share the same values, we both have been called weird, strange and had people throw things at us because we’re annoying. I mean i almost adopted a hobo and snuck him in my room because i thought he was cold, but then i didn’t because i thought he was just going to hurt me in my sleep. Then i jumped off a moving train because my friends said i should. I also slipped on a wet condom and rolled down a ridiculously long flight of stairs in public, after seeing it and telling myself i wouldn’t/shouldn’t. So i know weird, i enjoy it.


They’re just so cool and although i’m not eidetic, i connect with them on a “i want to be them” kind of level.


The amazing world of gumball:
This is EVERYTHING! My life became complete when i first watched this cartoon. I love it!


So these are just some of the things i enjoy watching. They say so much about me; i’m one of those obsessive, annoying people who sing all the time and who has a smart mouth, who enjoys walking around in the nude and catching crazy criminals in the ghetto and who is also a fish…