By Design…

There’s harmony to your design

An inspired balance, a predestined finality to your conjuring

An unwavering permanence to your wounds and wanderings

There is an unalterable element to your every atom

Like the pulsing tide within your veins, there are courses that remain invariably your own

The immutable resolve of settled clay

The indomitable Prometheus’ curse

You are who you were meant to be

You never had a choice in the matter

Or did you?

Do you?



Don’t touch my prostate!

I don’t know how common of an occurrence or a thing this is from wherever you’re from, but my people are suddenly all about offering prostate exams in the middle of the street!

200_s I kid you not!

Out of nowhere appears this man who’s as eager as jelly in a bean to examine me.

tumblr_n6xn62OmyM1qfhpqto2_500I obviously refused; there was nothing normal about his request or the place he insisted we go into.

But boy was this one persistent.

Forget the fact that he’s completely insane for indecent proposal-ing me in broad daylight, in public, with people’s eyes all over me and the situation, but i was also on my way to get me some fried chicken.

Honestly guys, that thing’s like black gospel.

tumblr_mblu6l6cQT1rosb88o1_500I mean I didn’t have a whistle to blow to alert the general public about my distress, neither did I feel safe enough to scream “Stranger danger”; i felt like he would have cut me or something and i can’t afford to be hit in public.

After dodging the man by walking alongside the angriest looking woman i’ve ever seen in my life, he finally let up and I finally got what i’ve beeen looking for.