Stay broken


I’d like you to stay broken

That way I can collect the pieces

I can be the one to fix you, time and again

That way I can stay around, I can be useful, I can be valuable

You can need me

I need you to need me

Stay broken so I can be the calm in your storm

That way you can stay dependent

You can remain addicted and I can be your drug of choice

I can be your healer, your saviour and all you have to do is remain broken

I can’t risk fixing you only to lose you

I can’t have you seeing what I am, what this is for what it is

I can’t risk being the only broken one

So stay broken

I can’t fix you only to break myself any further

If I break anymore, I think I might disappear

So I’d rather remain broken if you’re here with me

Two broken people

A pair of shards

A couple of un-whole people just finding our way


Stay broken, for me.