Love thy virgin

Some people treat them like porcelain dolls, a nudge away from shattering into a million inconsolable pieces. Others see them as some rare breed of human, a subspecies of normal that they just don’t get.

In my opinion, virgins are like those pretty little fairies that skip their way through life with smiles as pure and as enchanting as rainbows out of a unicorn’s butt. But my opinion is completely biased (i don’t have to spell it out for you, do i?).

In my lifetime i’ve come across a myriad of peculiar people, especially when the matter of virginity or virgins is afoot.

When some are asked about virginity, you sometimes get those born-again virgin girls who shake their heads furiously, proudly screaming their devotion to their bodies and reclaiming what was taken from them. Virginity is, i think, usually associated with purity, patience and respect and a great deal of people are for the whole “wait until you’re ready” thing.

On the topic of virginity you also get the super religious people who are all about saving themselves for marriage as a way to please whichever deity they bow down to, which isn’t a terrible thing. Then you get the special breed of instigators who think virginity should literally be a thing of the past (we should find these people and hurt them…). They’re the ones who promote loose morals under the guise of “living for the moment” or “you only live once”.

Then you get to the topic of virgins and the tables turn.

Descriptions orbiting around, weird, lonely, ugly, naive, insane and yes, even stupid, plague this poor state of being.

I mean, what’s wrong with being a virgin? I remember a time when virgins were celebrated just as proudly as the idea of virginity. Now we crucify the sexually prudent and call them all sorts of names to bully them into giving up their most “prized” possession.

It’s the virginity NAZIs; those people who plague our society who poke fun at virgins because they probably lost it on a cold night, with a man named…Bob…and Bob has B.O, and Bob or Bob-ette, was as drunk as a skunk and they barely said your name the way it was meant to be said and they didn’t enjoy it one bit, so they make the virgins lives miserable.

I’m curious to find out how you’ve treated the village virgin, i won’t judge…honestly.

In parting, i want to make it known that virgins aren’t terrible people, whether they’re born again or they’re the real deal. There’s love for you in my eyes, trust.


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