It’s been a minute

Worry not, my friends; i’ve not deserted you.

I’ve just been on holiday and haven’t had the opportunity to cook up some weird post, form a decent opinion on a crafty issue or have a minute to gather my wits about me and do something other than…well…stuff.

Also, my laptop’s gone to the dogs and i’m currently trying to salvage any data i possibly can from my faulty hard drive.

Life’s rough i tell ya.

Then, in some less amusing news, my grandfather passed away on the 18th of June. The family’s been busy since then and everything’s still on murky ground, but i think we’re slowly coming to.

It was a shock, it shouldn’t have been, but it still was.

So please, please, pleeease forgive my lax ways, i promise i’ll make it up to you with an annoying, darn near suffocating amount of posts, opinions, strange picture things that people seem to not know how to take (a friend of mine thinks i’m trying to send out some kind of secret message to the world or something like that…she honestly doesn’t deserve data).

So i just wanted to pop in and say “hi”, hang in there, i’m on my way.

But before i go, i feel like i should let a few things off my chest whilst i’m at a functioning computer and surrounded by strangely impersonal and nosey people.

1) Seriously, where are all the baby pigeons?

2) All i want in my life right now is a cocaine addicted cat, named Sassafras, who’s promiscuous (with a purpose) and has a secret plan to take over the world…the kind of fun my life would be like. Also, Sassafras has to be hideous.

3) Do angels have genitals?

4) I think my teeth are all falling out, seriously, something’s happening here.

5) Funeral jokes at a funeral are a hit, coz we’re all weirdos and we all kinda want to make jokes at a funeral… i really wanted to say that those jokes kill, but that would be so tacky and cliche and we’re better than that.

6) Sarcasm will get you beaten up in public and laughed at, when directed to a very volatile person.

7) Who called a rainbow a rainbow?

8) Laughing at your own joke, that’s in your head, when you’re on your own, is a sign…a very bad sign.

9) Say the name “Solange” three times in an elevator and watch what happens…do it.

10) I think mean people are so funny…until they’re mean to me.


Okay, thanks, bye… lol


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