Occupy Africa


We are a continent of riches; bountiful with the breath of existence and the echo of creation burning through our bloodlines, blessings from our ancestors.

We are nations of incomparable strength and enviable diversity and we are a story of triumph and victory. So it’s time we showed it, it’s time we embraced it and owned it.

We. Are. Africa and we are taking it back.

This new Africa, this new strain of consciousness was inherited through decades of suffering, strife and oppression. We inherited inferiority, a standard forced onto us and an unnatural order we were indoctrinated into inhabiting.

The earth we walk on hums with natural riches we have to learn to use for our benefit, for our growth and our success.

The fact that we’re so culturally diverse, so ethnically empowered, should lend sympathy to our interactions with the rest of the world. Our strength will lie in how we accept past mistakes and move away from them, sans bloodshed and hate. The time of war has long since passed and now is the time for accepting our African responsibility.

We’ve learned from our neighbours and now we’re able to tackle African issues our way.

We’re smart enough to do away with divisions; we were once united in times of strife, we can certainly re-imagine that unity in times of consecration; where we celebrate our own vision for the future.

Let’s be the village we were meant to be. Let’s raise the future as one voice instead of the many cries of war, hate and disempowerment we’ve come to accept. African on African war is never the answer.

Let’s begin to tell our stories the way only we can. Let’s raise our children the way we want to; to believe in their home enough to want to fight for it.

To fight isn’t to raise your fist in bloodlust, but to raise your presence in assertion against ways that pull away from the African agenda.

An agenda that values heritage, an agenda that protects our wildlife, an agenda that’s dedicated to preserving our ancestry and an agenda that’s open to the evolution of understanding.

We are never without influence and to demonise the rest of the world would be a grave mistake on our part, but we’re entitled to satisfy an almost carnal desire to treasure what African spirit we have left. Let’s not wake up years later to find that we’ve lost what identity we thought we had.

Let’s occupy Africa.


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