We are human

We are human.

We’re perfectly imperfect and designed as constant works-in-progress. Everything about us is imperfect; our languages, our societies, our views of perfection and our understanding of the universe.
Understanding that our imperfections don’t diminish our quality is a step towards understanding that our flaws are remarkable in their mass-produced uniqueness. Sure that sounds a bit contradictory, but when you think about it carefully you’ll realise that as unique as we’d like to feel and as unique as we believe our problems are and our gifts are, they truly aren’t.

The uniqueness lies in our interpretation of these gifts and issues and our flaws play a major part in that. Our uniqueness lies in the brand of impression that these issues and gifts leave on us.
We are human because we’re flawed, as is everything that we do, and by virtue of that premise our wars are flawed, our love is flawed and our dreams are flawed.

Arguing against the importance of flaws in our existence would be arguing against the existence of human nature.
Now don’t get me wrong, flaws are generally uncomfortable tears in an otherwise pristine facade, but they aren’t all bad.
I’d like to think of flaws as intangible assets that can be internally generated and manipulated at will. That could very well be my accounting side speaking but the point is that flaws are capable of being wielded and moulded to our liking.
Then again one can say that flaws were always meant to be part of humanity. Our imperfections were singed into our fabric from the very beginning, and the fact that we possess them and own them means that we’re exactly the way we were meant to be.
We’re perfectly imperfect.

The scars were meant to be there; the little nuances, the awkwardness, the blemishes and tears were all meant to be part of our lives from the beginning. Our way of thinking was never meant to be perfect, thus our wars were never meant to be without flaw and fault.

To believe only one thing and not allow the influence of others would be a flaw worth doing away with, because the sooner we understand that we’re fine just the way we are, we’ll embrace the beauty of being perfectly human.


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