I’ve decided


I’ll never have you, truly and wholly have you.

Never whisper in your ear, hold your hand

kiss your warm lips or stare deep in your eyes

while wrapped in your arms.

You and i will never be,

destined for one thing and cursed never to

have the other, so i’ve decided to end it.

To end this emotional affair

I’ve decided to pardon my heart, to spare myself the pain.

It hurts to smile at you, know you and want you and

not have you

To never have you is a death i am willing to take.

I’ve decided not to question why you don’t want me

i’ve decided to hate you, all of you, even the

perfect bits that drive me to near crippling insanity

because if i can’t love you, what else can

i do but hate you?

i’ve decided that you and i were never truly…

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