How do i describe you


How do i describe you

you haunt my dreams, every second night

i sleep expecting, wanting, needing to see your…

to recognise your…

How can i describe someone i think i know

someone i almost know

someone i have never known

How do i convince myself of your reality

that you are more than just a dream

that your smile exists out there, somewhere

that your voice soothes another out there

that there is a chance, as slight as it may be

but in God’s name there is a splinter of a chance that our souls could yet meet, again

How do i describe the ghost of my dreams

the eyes that haunt my every step and the

drumming beating of my soul-mate’s beautiful heart

are you it

How do i describe someone so familiar, so real and

someone in my dreams

Let me sleep, expecting your call

expecting your…

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