How do i describe you


How do i describe you

you haunt my dreams, every second night

i sleep expecting, wanting, needing to see your…

to recognise your…

How can i describe someone i think i know

someone i almost know

someone i have never known

How do i convince myself of your reality

that you are more than just a dream

that your smile exists out there, somewhere

that your voice soothes another out there

that there is a chance, as slight as it may be

but in God’s name there is a splinter of a chance that our souls could yet meet, again

How do i describe the ghost of my dreams

the eyes that haunt my every step and the

drumming beating of my soul-mate’s beautiful heart

are you it

How do i describe someone so familiar, so real and

someone in my dreams

Let me sleep, expecting your call

expecting your…

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Lust for me too



the warm hum of your breath

soothingly hypnotizing my skin

lazy with passion and lust.

Pour every fiery inch of your love into me

names are not important here, just bodies

moving like animals running rabid in the wild

beasts untamed by shame

yearning to fulfill cravings of the flesh.

i don’t know the colour of your eyes

i assume they are pools of red, fire

molten passion with a hint of desperation.

TEAR ME! bite me, scratch me, murder a conscience blinded by a pagan light

lead me astray and abandon me.

Let me see you, my hero, my master, freeing me

using me and loving me, for just 10 minutes.

it was enough though

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I’ve decided


I’ll never have you, truly and wholly have you.

Never whisper in your ear, hold your hand

kiss your warm lips or stare deep in your eyes

while wrapped in your arms.

You and i will never be,

destined for one thing and cursed never to

have the other, so i’ve decided to end it.

To end this emotional affair

I’ve decided to pardon my heart, to spare myself the pain.

It hurts to smile at you, know you and want you and

not have you

To never have you is a death i am willing to take.

I’ve decided not to question why you don’t want me

i’ve decided to hate you, all of you, even the

perfect bits that drive me to near crippling insanity

because if i can’t love you, what else can

i do but hate you?

i’ve decided that you and i were never truly…

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The showers that tell


We all see the change

The shifts within our own humanity and the cracks and ridges that gleam under the luminous fluorescent lights the moment those all consuming waters wash over us.

We notice the things we hid from ourselves in the dry winds, open air and scalding sunlight while we wash clean our soiled hands and feet.

We know the truth the moment our skin’s rubbed raw as rivers of rapidly cooling waters stroke the intimate parts of our being.

There’s no hiding under the glare of that imposing nozzle.

We’re naked, vulnerable and real while our eyes close, our breathing deepens and our fingers explore.

We all know what’s changed; we feel it on our skin. It’s like mould; creeping, intrusive and oh so natural.

This is who we are; who we truly are.

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We’re strangers; you and I.

Two people devoted to sharing pieces of our day – lives – with each other and yet we’re strangers.

Mismatched but perfectly paired friends who speak with one voice, laugh with reckless abandon and share unifying ills, but we’re still strangers.

Two soldiers of the same cause who battle unspoken wars amongst each
other, where our ruby red, glistening bond is frayed and strained but intact because we’re a family of strangers.

Secret lovers in my eyes but in the depth of your own we’re magnetically pulled in by crimson rivers of identity. So we’re, undoubtedly, strangers.

Hours apart but seconds away from contact; we’re convicted by broken rituals: we speak, we laugh, we share and we leave without having said anything of matter. We’re hopeless strangers.

Now that I’ve been bathed in majestic sheets of gold and yellow as my day dawns and pulls…

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