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Is science in God or is God in Science?


Like titanic beasts fed by faith and fear, they bleed power and dominance as they circle each other, waiting to strike, salivating over that final, fatal blow. Like two gods of the same sky, they breathe into each other’s existence and the devoted followers we are, we bow to one and curse the other. I suppose that’s human nature; ruled by a conscious decision to live in binaries.

So, the question that’s as old as human consciousness, one worth thinking about at least once in your lifetime, is; is God in Science or is Science in God?

On the one hand, when you suggest that God is in Science, then you imply that we’re ruled by science. To exclusively say that we’re ruled by science would be slightly inaccurate; to rather say that we’re the product of purely scientific reactions to chemical and natural stimuli would be a more accurate way of seeing things. It’s saying that the spark of creation was an intergalactic symphony of explosive matter and that billions of years’ worth of evolution, genetic engineering, natural selection and a changing climate culminated to the brand of existence we now see today. I’m not a scientist by any means, but the notion of God being in science implies that science is the bigger picture. That God is merely a creation of the idea of a metaphysical being that’s the culmination of undisputable events that have been grouped into the science of religion.

Basically saying that we’re the ones with the power; we’ve managed to create something greater than ourselves, in and with our minds. It’s a dangerous theory, and flaky as well, but not entirely unreasonable. Could it really be outlandish to believe that we’re inherently dependent beings, beings that have yearned for something to believe in that could solve all of our problems and thus creating an entirely new sect within the study of science? Religion being a science couldn’t possibly be as ridiculous sounding as we want it to be, right?

Think about it, Religion: the study of the unexplainable and acceptance of the unseen.

To say that God is an idea, a state of being or a conscious effort would be equating Him to theories much like coincidence and karma. The creation of God serves to prove that we believe that we’re as worthy of an afterlife as we allow ourselves to be. This is a dangerous statement, right? Especially because it says that God’s an idea, that He isn’t physical and that he’s a belief, but how dangerous of a statement is it when it speaks to the core of religion?

When we say that Science is in God, it’s basically saying that God is the divine entity and science is an act of God. It says that we’re ruled by God, a higher power that reigns above all.

It’s the notion that most are comfortable with, as am i, and one that admits EVERYTHING having started with Him. Admitting to there being a God, admits to the fact that God IS intangible because He’s faith, he’s the unknown and he IS the metaphysical. Religion isn’t purely a science, it’s a choice, some might say a calling, to believe in what you can’t see but know exists. That’s the real challenge, i suppose.

Could the Big bang not have been God inspired? Could God’s design not have been so perfect that it foresaw the coming complexities and allowed for billions of years worth of culturing and sophisticating?

One could argue that since God created us in His image, our mental capacities are in his image as well. So everything we’ve created, we’ve thought of, has been thought of before, by God. I know, just stay with me here; we have his free-will, we have his mental faculties as replicas of His image, and the idea is that His image transcends the physical; we have the capacity to create just as he has. Science could very well be the product of human curiosity and God inspiration.

God_and_Science exist

But in all of this, as an avid believer, i can’t see why both entities, both concepts can’t live together in harmony. They can co-exist and compliment one another. Science has the power to strengthen people’s faith through proof. I can’t see Science and God being two battling entities in a world that thirsts faith and demands answers; i see them as two sides of the same coin.

So much more can be said about this, so much more needs to be said about this but so many more people need to want to say something. God and science are the ‘what’ and ‘how’ and the sooner we discover that, the sooner we’d be doing so much for our faith and its longevity in a deeply complex and modernising world.