Morning/evening/noon or night everyone. This is a list of links for you budding writers to consider should you want to enter into any writing competition.

Now i feel like i should issue out a very fair disclaimer; none of the competitions are affiliated with this blog in any way, shape or form. So should you experience any unpleasantries; just know…it wasn’t me.

But seriously; competition is more than a way for the confident to flex their egos, it’s a good way for the less confident to find their voices and to build a strong reputation and knowledge base.

These aren’t extensive, they’re just a few links i came across while trolling the net (Yes, i’m one of those people…)

Writer’s Digest

Boston Review

Spokane Prize for short fiction


The Writer


Those are just a few i’ve come across that seem legit and a good start for anyone to put their writing to the test. Don’t take this opportunity lightly; it could be the single greatest moment of your life, should you decide to put caution to the wind and go for it.


So all the best and much love.

– A.C. Shabangu





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