I’d thought long and hard about what shape i envision this next chapter taking. I thought about what texture it would take on, how it would

smell and look and what emotions it would root itself in.

I thought about the many things it could champion and how inspiring it could or should be. I thought about what name to give it; the name would be everything. Something could succeed by the name it was blessed with. A name could be a benediction, a curse or it could be nothing at all, but i wanted it to be everything.

I thought about where i saw this chapter going; what i could do for it and more importantly, what it could do for me.
Time evaporated and ideas swirled furiously like inspired eddies of leaves while a golden, South African, autumn took hold of the atmosphere and burnt the streets, trees and wind with enchanting hues of orange and brown. At the twilight of one seasonal transition, thoughts took form and limbs grew ferociously and the pulse of life beat through this new being, this new life and new chapter.
It already had a name, given to it on the 4th of April 1991.

This next chapter, this new life and new found honesty would be everything i wanted it to be. This new page in my life would be the beginning of a spirited story of fact. It would be the culmination of every lesson learned and every tale previously withheld.
As morose and as dark and avant-garde as life can be, it can also be exciting, youthful, lively and fun. I want this space, this era, to reflect that and the many highs and lows that might follow.

I’d thought long and hard about what shape i envision this next chapter taking. And i could think of no better shape, no better expression, then that of honesty and life.

I can only give you me; in all my bizarre, exciting and naive ways. I won’t be perfect, i can’t be; i still want to learn so much more.
Please, enjoy.

– A.C. Shabangu


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