We’re bravest in our minds, you and i. Creatures of fantasy. You are the culmination of my deepest desires and the 7th day wonder of my most virile of fantasies.


You’re the secret taste that burns through my synapses and the unseen vision of perfection that crowds my mind’s eye.

You’re the cream of my imagination, the beast of my unchained musings and the demon of my hopes.


You’re the future i envision, the smile i ignite and the laughter that springs through the veil of darkness and doubt.

You’re the poison i’m addicted to; a smooth, salving brew of pleasure and pain i cannot let go of.


You’re the wisdom i lack. You’re the space in existence i long to fill and you’re the God shaped creation i’ve dreamt.

But we’re bravest in our minds, you and i. We’re creatures of silent torture. We are the culmination of our most painful regrets and we can only imagine each other in the comfort of our fantasies.


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